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Becoming Pioneers

Established in 1961, Lawkim went on to pioneer the manufacture of hermetic compressor motors in India under technical collaboration with Emerson Electric, USA in 1965. The Godrej Family acquired the company in 1977 and today it is a part of the Godrej Group, manufacturing specialized hermetic compressor motors, single phase motors, custom-built three phase motors, components and parts such as wound stator and rotor assemblies and laminations/stampings for different applications.

Lawkim is a USD 45 million company and continues to sustain and grow to achieve a targeted 21% CAGR in 2021-2022 over a period of 9 years. Our manufacturing plant near Pune in India follows modern manufacturing practices and is recognised for ensuring high levels of productivity and safety. The plant focuses on lean manufacturing to mass manufacture various types of motors. It is spread over 60,000 sq. m., of which 28,000 sq. m. is built-up. It has the capacity to manufacture 4 million motors every year. It has a strong team of highly skilled workmen and management staff across functions, including 100 engineers.

From the time that Lawkim began expanding its range of machines and tooling on the shop floor to improve productivity and quality, it also began its internal ability to begin calibrating all this equipment. By the end of the 90s, it took the decision of creating Calibration & Inspection Services to offer its skills and abilities to the engineering industry. The business has done good work over the years and we have set up labs at Mumbai, Pune and Vadodara to cater to the growing interest. With the growth of manufacturing in the South, the division expanded into another laboratory in Chennai.

Our Range of Products & Services

Hermetic compressor motors for Air-conditioning and Refrigeration | Motors for Appliances, Machines and Plants |
Components and Sub-assemblies for Motors and Generators |

Calibration & Inspection Services (NABL accredited Laboratories as per IS/ISO/IEC17025 for Electro-technical, Mechanical, Thermal & Flow Parameter and traceable calibration for Bio-medical field)

At Lawkim, we constantly evolve by developing new products, processes and technologies. As a result, our BLDC motors, IE3 motors are already in the market and are gaining good recognition. Presently, we are developing high efficiency IEC frame motors, which will soon be introduced. In Calibration we have moved from Working level to Primary level services with focus on Consultancy, Training & Inspection services.