Bamboo Cycle E-Rickshaw

Bicycles and Rickshaw are in great demand as a major labor savings device in transporting water, people, food and other items in rural India. Bamboo is locally available in abundance and does not require electricity or a large investment in equipment. Bamboo is easy to grow and can be cultivated in dry areas with minimal irrigation. Bamboo bicycles also require a significant amount of labor to produce, providing skilled employment that helps youths to find job opportunities.

We have named our bamboo solar powered motorized/pedal driven rickshaw Pushpak Viman. Our Pushpak Viman is powered by a 36V; 450 watt Brushless DC (BLDC) electric Hub motor that Lawkim manufactures itself. The motor is powered by a battery that is energized from a solar panel– that also serves as the roof of the vehicle, protecting passengers from the heat of the sun and from rain. The entire arrangement is aimed at reducing strength on the driver because the rickshaw can also be driven manually it is not dependent on lack of sunlight causing the battery to run down. We have test driven the vehicle over a 270 kms stretch – which showed that the vehicle can be run for upto 85 kms before it needs the battery to be charged. The whole idea of powering the cycle rickshaw is to make the possibility of earning a living from the rickshaw real, since more number of journeys can be made in a single day – making it a more attractive proposition for young people from rural areas. By making the rickshaw itself look more attractive hopefully increases the possibility of people wanting to take a ride in it. We see this as a way of encouraging youngsters in rural areas to find gainful means of employment from their own areas, rather than having to migrate up to the cities and also this could be used for Eco tourism purposes at large Hotels and Resorts campuses.

Awards and Recognition

  • Won “Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award” for the year 2014 for "Solar Powered Bamboo Cycle Rickshaw and its Variants" by Institute of Directors , New Delhi
  • Certificate of Recognition awarded for "PUSHPAK VIMAN" - The solar powered, pedal-assisted Bamboo Cycle Rickshaw - at the IMC Inclusive Innovation Awards 2013.

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