Lawkim is proud to be present globally, whether through direct exports to developed countries or through the global presence of its customers in appliances, machines and plants. We directly export our custom-designed solutions to leading companies in Germany, UK and USA.

However, our motors are at the heart of leading appliances of well-known brands of refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines and wet grinders. Also, our single phase flame proof motors are an integral part of some leading brands of fuel dispensing units. Our custom-built single and three phase motors form an indispensable part of several industrial machines and plants.

All these appliances, machines and plants perform flawlessly, year-after-year in almost all the continents of the world and keep up the reputation of our customers. Our association with our customers over decades is a testimony of our globally acknowledged performance.

To grow our exports in focussed manner we have retained Simmotech Ltd for UK & EUROPE market.

Lawkim U.K & EUROPE

Mr. Paul Simmonds

At Godrej Seeds and Genetics we offer products in all the six corn segments of India.

Simmotech Ltd
0044 (0) 7825 666700
6 Forest Gardens Stamford
PE9 2FL Lincolnshire United Kingdom

    Paul started his career running a tool room, after running various other shops and department he was responsible for 380 employees. He looked after sub-suppliers, sub-contractors, shop floor union, health and safety, etc. Paul then moved to the global purchase department, where he assisted in setting up a new plant in Mexico. He also ran the supply chain for Stamford UK plant. Paul then became the global commodity manager where he was tasked with aligning all purchase department in many countries, setting targets, supplier selection, cost reduction, supplier development etc. He was then promoted to global commodity leader where he purchased commodities like Copper wire, Electrical steel, Laminations, Magnets, etc. worth $290 million in global purchase and was responsible for $10 million yearly savings. He then set up Simmotech limited which developed Mexican based lamination stamping and developed new supply chains.

    Paul worked with several UK Companies to purchase quality low cost parts from Asia. Also he has been supporting global Sales for four Chinese companies manufacturing Hydraulic Presses, High Precision Tooling, and Medium to Large Steel Shafts etc. Paul is leveraging his expertise across focussed customers in the region to sell our specialised electric motors and components .