Ideal Replacement for Hydraulic Cylinders

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Linear Actuators

Lawkim, with its vast experience in manufacturing electrical motors for industrial applications is looked upon as a solution provider. Our consistent development efforts have now resulted in successfully developing technology for linear displacement. The new Linear Actuator range from Lawkim is an ideal replacement for conventional hydraulic cylinders, ensuring lower investment and running costs without any compromise on precision or performance.

The Lawkim Electromechanical Linear Actuator is the perfect solution for various applications requiring high precision controlled linear motion. In this type of actuator, the rotary motion of the motor is converted to linear displacement using high precision lead screw. It is designed to perform in tough industrial environments and offers several advantages over hydraulic cylinders without any compromise on performance. Lawkim Electromechanical Linear Actuators have demonstrated successful performance for a variety of applications as substitutes for small hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in presses and special purpose machines.

Typical Applications

  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Economical substitutes for hydraulic and pneumatic presses


  • Max. stroke length: 500 mm
  • Max. compressive load: 1000 kg
  • Max. lifting capacity: 20 kg
  • Electric supply: 230 Volt, AC, 50 Hz
  • 415 Volt, AC, 50 Hz 3 phase
  • Max. speed: Up to12 mm/sec
  • Shaft diameter: 20 mm to 50 mm

Features & Benefits


Available for all applications where compressive load requirement is up to 1000 kgf


Modular design which can be adapted suitably to replace hydraulic cylinders

Lower running costs

Saves more than 50% of running costs compared to equivalent hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The actuator motor operates only when required, unlike motor in hydraulic power pack which runs continuously irrespective of usage.

Space saving

Occupies small space compared to the large space required by hydraulic power pack

Clean system

No usage and spillage of hydraulic oil

Torque limiter (optional)

Avoids the possibility of exerting excess load on the job

Continuous operation

System can be run continuously without affecting performance

Variable speed

Actuation speed can be adjusted with the use of VFD to suit operational requirements

Quick payback

Even replacing your existing hydraulic cylinders is an idea worth considering. The replacement cost can be recovered in just 6 months (approx.) besides freeing up valuable floor space occupied by bulky hydraulic power packs and frequent hassles of maintaining them.