Motors For Electric Forklift And Stacker

With decades of experience in manufacturing industrial motors, Lawkim has developed a range of 3 phase motors best suited for use in Forklifts and Stackers. These motors demonstrate high energy efficiency and peak performance even in the most demanding working conditions. They are thoroughly tested in adverse conditions and pass through rigorous trials. These motors are being used by leading manufacturers of Forklifts and Stacker systems.

At Godrej Seeds and Genetics we offer products in all the six corn segments of India.

Benefits over conventional DC motor

  • No need to change brushes and commutators
  • Greater travelling and lifting speed
  • Higher grade ability
  • Efficient recharge during braking
  • Extended battery working life

Benefits over conventional diesel forklift

  • Easy to operate
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Low noise level
  • Zero emission. No pollution


  • 3 Phase Induction motors
    • Rating: 1.3 kW to 20 kW
    • Battery V: 24, 48, 72
    • Poles: 2P, 4P and 6P
  • Maintenance-free, simple and rugged
  • Inbuilt speed and thermal sensors
  • Capable of handling heavy torque
  • Larger braking torque at higher speeds
  • Regenerative braking, therefore reduced abrasion
  • More energy-efficient
  • Simple construction allows easy integration
  • Longer, trouble-free life


Lawkim motors are designed for rigorous use where heavy loads are to be handled and continuous operation is required. They are an ideal choice for Forklifts and Stackers used in the following industries
  • Paper industry to handle bigger and heavier reels
  • Ports and logistics centres for emptying containers
  • Iron and steel industry plants
  • Automotive industry
  • Textile industry
  • Material movement within factory for any other industry

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