One Team, One Dream

Our team constantly works together to achieve the Vision, Mission and Goals that we have laid down for ourselves, when we jointly worked upon developing our aspirational 10 x 10 Strategic Plans in 2011-12.

In India we work with leading multinational companies who have preferred Lawkim as their first choice for their requirements domestically and globally. Recently we have put in place Flow Manufacturing on the shop floor with a lot of focus on productivity improvement, TPM and involving 100% our people in Quality circles that brings about the best in them. The objective is to have a 'Stress Free', 'Worry Free' and 'Fear Free' environment across the shop floor and in offices whilst providing best in class products and solutions customized to our customers' needs. Enhancing people capability through the Kaizen movement, adopting Six Sigma techniques helps us to have an in-depth focus on products and efficiency improvement. Besides capability building, our people are also involved in several programmes that focus on sustainability for the environment and for community welfare.

Lawkim takes pride in the significant personal development of the staff and workmen. The Maharashtra Government has appreciated and recognized our practices at both, the State as well as the District Levels, several times through the "Gunwant Kamgaar Puraskar" which our workmen have been awarded and is indeed a proud accomplishment for us. A distinction that few industrial establishments can boast of! These awards encompass outstanding performances on the shop floor of individuals and all-round involvement in local community affairs, their education and training and extra-curricular activities of a wider nature.

This Lawkim culture inspires employees to keep growing and developing themselves whilst bonding with all our stakeholders!